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I’ve Heard That Before

It’s time for my busy season to ramp up, going from the beautiful southeast coast last week to the equally beautiful southwest coast this week. Tough job, I know. Of all things, I’m most interested in hearing the progress that people have made on their Action Plans from my last visit. I want to hear […]

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Your Closet And Your Calendar

I heard a humorous quip about closet space that says our practice is to fill up our closets to the brink and then stuff in more things. It goes from being full and organized to bulging and messy. No matter how large your closet is, it’s always overflowing. So the personal organization experts tell us […]

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Tolerance For Languish

In some of my coaching engagements, I use a particular assessment that identifies, among other traits, a person’s natural proclivity to accept things being uncompleted. Some people don’t mind having a list of incompletes on their to-do list; others have more intensity to knock them out. This is different from procrastination, which is the inability […]

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Move On With Work-Arounds

“This is driving me CRAZY!” “Yeah, it’s an annoying quirk in the program. You can work around it by…” How many times have you dealt with blips and blurts that exist in systems and technology by finding ways to minimize their inconvenience? You do it all the time, to the point that you normalize the […]

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Time, Weeds and Sand

You know the feeling when you get to the end of your day and you’ve been busy as all get out (whatever that means) and you’re exhausted? You’re fully spent, and feeling like it. You didn’t stop, working through lunch and it’s now past dinnertime. After all that effort expended, you review your accomplishments. What […]

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1 Question To Break Through

This probably doesn’t happen to you, but have you ever had a situation when you knew you should do something but you couldn’t seem to get yourself in gear to do it? Instead, you found all kinds of other things to do, while it loomed heavy in the background. Then you blamed it on procrastination, […]

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Rituals For Results

Harvard Business Review recently published an article on the significant impact of pre-task rituals on performance in stressful situations. The authors likened the routines to what athletes use before their events, citing numerous examples that illustrate the positive results. The experimenters discovered that, having performed pre-task rituals before engaging in stressful situations, participants exhibited reduced […]

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Watch Out For Murphy

One of the main reasons things go wrong on engagements is that you put too much stock in Newton’s law that says that something in motion stays in motion. So when you devise your plan, arrange your schedule and set your timeline, you expect that everything will go just as you put into motion. Yet […]

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You’re Overwhelmed and Frazzled

As a professional, you should anticipate hitting the wall a few times in your career. You know—the times you find yourself running from one thing to the next, overwhelmed and frazzled, just barely keeping your nose above water. Your life and work are hectic; a never-let-up pace of meeting client demands, firm responsibilities and personal […]

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Be Noble. Quit Nobilizing

The more experience you gain, the more discretion you are granted regarding what you do and how you do it. Over time, you develop preferred ways of doing your work. Sometimes, those ways need to be examined because they have lost their usefulness or are more appropriate for someone your junior. That’s why, when you […]

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