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Your Response To Feedback

Having coached hundreds of professionals for more than 2 decades, I’ve noticed the different responses people have when they receive and respond to feedback. You’d think that people would be receptive to the observations, comments and advice they get. But too many don’t take full advantage of this important information. Some tend to get defensive […]

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Your Resilience Will Carry You

As you enter 2018 and prepare for a great year, you will inevitably experience periods of stress from the good work you want to perform. To remain on the top of your game, be aware of how certain situations can arise and interfere with the enjoyment of what you do. From my experience, there are […]

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Set Goals For You

I read over the weekend that the Ford F-150 pickup will sport a new grille, wheels and other tweaks for the 2018 model—just two years after a new version design and a couple of years before the next planned redesign. Apparently, the Ford truck has enjoyed being a bestselling truck for about 40 years. So […]

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Normal From Your Best

Remember the last time you performed at your best? You know, when you were prepared, energetic and executed according to plan? Remember when people around you were impressed and you felt like a million dollars? That’s a great experience and one you should never forget. So, if your success and glow were so fulfilling, why […]

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Stress Is Your Red Light

There’s been a lot of research over the last 50 years regarding stress, primarily because of its debilitating effects on people. Over time, it destroys your passion and burns you out. You know this, so it makes me wonder how many times you have to put your finger in the light socket to wake up. […]

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Go Ahead. Tell Them.

Recently I spoke to a group of managers and leaders about how to lead their people to higher performance. After all, that is one of the primary evidences of effective leadership. And a leader’s primary tool for improving the performance of their people is to give feedback. So I presented the two types of feedback: […]

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Be A Good Driver

In some parts of the country, driving straight roads create the illusion you are a good driver. You get going on your way and your only worry is staying inside the lines. You assume that the road will remain in the way you entered it. But when you have to negotiate hills, turns and traffic, […]

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Draw The Line

What is the one thing that has been on your mind for a while…some habit, discipline or practice… that you know you should tackle, but you just haven’t committed yourself to it yet? You’re on the fence, balancing between thinking you should do it and actually making the commitment to do it. Well, it’s time. […]

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Those Whose Opinion Matters

If you’ve been reading my weekly messages, you’ve read my contention that no one aspires to be average. In fact, no one I’ve ever worked with views themselves as average. Professionals by nature aspire to be competent and contributing—in an above average way. Yet everyone can’t be above average. If everyone is above average, then […]

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