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Be Aware. Self-Aware.

You cannot pick up an article, book or study about leadership that doesn’t include some mention of the importance of self-awareness. In fact, it’s identified as one of the top competencies of effective leadership. It’s been studied from all kinds of angles, including team performance and firm profitability. Interestingly, too many of those studies show […]

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Senior Manager Is Different

In a coaching call last week, I spoke with a manager who wanted to know the difference between a manager and a senior manager. When she inquired about what that meant, her firm leader was unable to give her as clear a description as she was hoping for. The reason wasn’t because the partner didn’t […]

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Put Away Your Abacus

From last week’s message, you were challenged to begin upgrading yourself by using technology more effectively. What did you do? How are you better? Or are you one of those slackers who read the message and then tossed it aside as you pulled out your abacus, or whatever past technology or practice you’re comfortable using? […]

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Get Over Tech Savvy

It used to be that those who explored, played with and used technology to its fullest were tabbed as tech savvy. They were willing to learn about and try new things, figuring out what it could do. And the label of “tech savvy” was born, preferable to being designated the resident geek. Interestingly, over the […]

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Firms Don’t Appreciate

I was reading about the opening of a new Proctor and Gamble facility in Berkeley County, WV and the writer interviewed one satisfied worker who said, “I feel appreciated here.” What a great testimony to a top drawer company who knows the value of a simple, no-cost intangible. Then I got to thinking about how […]

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3 Levels of Value

Early in your career, you were focused on learning the technical part of your job. You learned it by performing a service. Check lists, work papers and review notes made it possible for you to become competent to provide a service. Your work has value. Then you discovered that the knowledge and experience you gained […]

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Avoid Creating Your Own Stress

We’ve known for decades that stress is created in your mind. When you encounter a situation, how you perceive it will determine your physical and mental response. That’s why some people get really wigged out about something while others are able to take it in stride. But a new study has surfaced that extends what […]

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The Order of The Day

I recently heard a message in church that really caught my attention. The minister’s point was that every day has “an order of the day” for which the day was created. Using principles and stories, he illustrated and demonstrated the validity of this important axiom. It got me to thinking of how this applies to […]

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Overcome Your Gremlins

It’s never easy or comfortable to admit your failings. In fact, your brain protects you from considering such things by using techniques as minimizing, ignoring and excusing. For the most part, if you want to seriously consider where you fall short, you have to actively engage your thinking to listen for and accept your flaws […]

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When Safe is Risky

From the individual perspective of change, everyone naturally wants to be safe and stable—in relationships, processes and habits. But sometimes, what appears to be safe really isn’t. Because life changes daily, you are faced with assessing the veracity of what you used to do to be successful. The false sense that “it worked yesterday and […]

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