For professionals who want to be
effective, profitable and fulfilled.

How It Works

What to expect from the PartnersCoach

Professionals who have coaches are higher performers than they would be without coaches. When looking for a coach, you should consider the following.

  • Someone who knows you, listens to you and believes in you and your potential.
  • Someone who leads you to discover yourself, your motivation and your highest value contributions.
  • Someone with whom to talk frankly and confidentially about what prevents you from being your best
  • Someone who gives you an outside, unbiased viewpoint as you become a high performing professional
  • Someone who is a coach by profession with a degree, license and certificate, not someone who tells you how they did it and you should do it the same way.

Clients of the PartnersCoach are professionals who:

  • want to increase their personal and professional satisfaction
  • are new to the partnership and want to get off to a good start
  • want to expand their line of business
  • are struggling with their place in the firm
  • have read the books, heard the tapes, and attended the seminars, but haven’t been able to integrate what they know into their careers and lives.