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Be A Leader Every Day

“You want me to do what!? Don’t you know how busy I am? I have barely enough time to do what’s required and you want me to be a leader every day too!? You’ve got to be kidding me.” This was the response I got from a manager when I suggested that he use the […]

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You’re Good To Go

When you prepare for a road trip where there will be adverse conditions, you take extra precautions with your car. You have the service technician perform extra checks to ensure that your car will perform optimally. You listen for confirmation when he says, “You’re good to go.” Busy season is an example of a time […]

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The Next Conversation

You’re in the middle of the busy season of opportunity, concentrating on getting your work done and out to your clients. You’re learning so much about them—information to share, questions to ask and insights to discuss. You know your clients would appreciate and value those conversations, but with so much to do, getting around to […]

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Slow Down to Speed Up

When you woke up this morning, you were fully aware of all you have to do. The projects, engagements and meetings can feel overwhelming, and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. It will be so tempting to just hunker down and start slogging away. That’s not a bad thing, until it is. It […]

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Motivation Through Stress

Too many managers and partners never learned how to motivate others, so they do things that have proven to be either ineffective or counterproductive, yet expecting them to “work this time.” In the firms where I train and consult, they are developing the practices and norms that establish a motivational culture. But this message isn’t […]

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