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A Leader or THE Leader?

Intentional leaders learn the knowledge and skills of leader effectiveness. They focus is on what they bring to a situation and practice being effective. They hone their skills to be the best they can be. The problem is that what you bring to the leader role may not be what the group needs. What if […]

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Avoid Becoming Cruft

In one of Seth Godin’s messages last week, he used a word I’d never heard before. The word was “cruft” and it sounded odd. So I looked it up. Apparently, cruft was originated in the 1950’s to describe computer code that was designed poorly or complicated beyond necessity. Since then, it has morphed to mean […]

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Moments When You’re Vulnerable

Being the geek who is drawn to anything related to human behavior and performance, I’m usually on the lookout for what makes people effective. What do they do or say? How do they act so that they produce an impact, both in results and with people? One approach to understanding effectiveness is to observe when […]

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The Work Is Not The Value

If you are like most of your colleagues, you tend to spend so much of your time, energy and thought on your technical work and so little time and effort on creating value. There’s a difference between the work you do and the value you create. Your work is the sum of your technical contributions […]

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What Are You Afraid Of?

I read a recent study that headlined why people procrastinate. Since that is a problem I hear in my coaching calls, I checked it out. This latest research explains what happens in your brain when you put things off. You can read it for yourself here if you’re interested. Basically, it describes the battle that […]

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