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Are You Wandering Or Traveling?

This is the last message for 2018. The next one will be Monday, January 7. My hope for you is that have a restful and renewing holiday season. As you approach the twilight of 2018, you have the opportunity to reflect on this past year, not only what you done or how you’ve improved, but […]

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End 2017 Where YOU Want

Happy new year. The turn of the calendar marks the beginning of the next chapter of your life. For the next 12 months, your activities and pursuits will take you somewhere. And at the end of 2017, you will be somewhere else. But where will you be? Will it be where you want or just […]

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Be On a Mission

This is the time of year when you typically look back on the past year to determine how you fared. If things went well, you feel pretty good. If not, well… Regardless, there is nothing you can do about it. It’s over and all you can do is accept what happened. But if you had […]

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Drifting or Dedicated?

In one more month you will be half way through your year. Looking back on your goals, how are you doing? Are you on track? Do you need to step it up? (Of course I’m assuming you set them already.) You won’t be the person you aspire to be if you don’t put forth much […]

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Back To The Fundamentals

After watching a weekend of football, it was so obvious how important the fundamentals are. The teams that rely on the big play are inconsistent. Basic blocking and tackling aren’t that interesting, but without them, they will prevent you from winning. Same is true with your performance as a professional. If you ignore the basics, […]

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Your Professional Equilibrium

Like you, many professionals have their goals and plans for 2013 in place. Now it’s time to execute. But the goal-execution stage is also where things bog down. So you do what you can: you bear down, focus, recommit, talk to yourself (be careful with that one)—anything you can do to give yourself a pep […]

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Happy, Not Satisfied

I’m so pleased with my client who reached his 3 year goal of $1million in billings. While three years is a long time, there is no doubt he wouldn’t have achieved his goal without setting it and diligently pursuing it. He’s not a natural salesperson, but a self-described typical accountant. So, what actually happened? First, […]

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Example of Goal Power

While driving last week, I heard a radio interview of a person who set a goal in January of 2009 to lose weight. A lot of weight. He set his goal of losing 90 pounds in the year 2009. He named it “90 in ‘09.” Catchy, don’t you think? The results? By December 31, 2009, […]

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