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All About Your Stature

Professional stature is something to which you aspire. It’s the endgame; the ultimate fulfillment of your work’s life. It’s the reputation you have earned as you pursue your career as a credible professional. If you don’t aspire to be a professional of recognized stature, you probably consider your employment as just a job. If that’s […]

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3 Reasons You Don’t Market

You know that developing new business is essential to grow your firm and your practice. But you don’t. Why? How could something so important be so neglected? Here are three reasons. 1. Your firm doesn’t prioritize it. Finding new clients isn’t high on the agenda of regular meetings. Strategizing, executing and monitoring progress isn’t a […]

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Your 3 Serious Battles

As a professional, you face three formidable battles consistently. Having been victorious one day simply means you will face them another day. They never go away. Your victory is never final. They confront you on a regular basis throughout your career. They are able to sabotage or destroy your career if you don’t pay attention […]

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You Can’t Live Small

You tend to live in a box—a self created box with boundaries that determine what you will and won’t do. It’s safe because you know the territory well. It’s where you believe that if you can get everything in its place and in control, you’ll be happy. The problem with living inside your boundaries is […]

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