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Communication Is NEVER The Problem

I just concluded a series of leadership courses from the Partner-Pipeline for a multi-office firm. In the senior manager course, they learned how to lead a change initiative, whether it be in their firm or with clients. One of the key points of change management is that the presenting problem is seldom the problem and […]

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What Does That Mean?

I just returned from training another great southeast firm and I’m really pleased with how the leadership team is developing. They have made significant strides in what it means to work together, rely on each other and accomplish great things for themselves, their clients and their firm. Seeing their progress reminds me of what teams […]

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Can You See Clearly Now?

When Johnny Nash sang his hit in 1972 called, “I Can See Clearly Now,” it was #1 on the Billboard Charts. It’s a catchy, upbeat tune that has be re-recorded by dozens of artists over the years. But it’s the lyrics that are so poignant: I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I […]

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Clean The Crud From Pearls

Jimbo Fisher, head coach for the Florida Seminoles, passionately described to one of his players something he did wrong. The player seemed to shut down and stopped listening, which frustrated his coach. Jimbo had something important to say but the player refused to hear it because of the way it was being said. The player […]

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Say It To Be Heard

In several of the Partner-Pipeline courses, we concentrate heavily on communication. Not just listening and talking, but in specific situations where communicating is a challenge. One area is how to present your perspective when you disagree with someone. This is an essential skill whether you are on an engagement team, with a client, or in […]

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Uncomfortable? Tell Them Anyway

A recent survey was conducted by the Harris Poll showing that, of the more than 600 managers participating, 69% admitted to being uncomfortable communicating with their employees in everyday interactions. Worse, 37% were uncomfortable giving direct performance feedback if they thought it would be received negatively. WHO ARE THESE MANAGERS?! While there are very few […]

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I Don’t Under-Communicate

Why is it that you can recall dozens times when others have not communicated well or timely with you, but you struggle to identify even one instance where you under-communicated? Ok, maybe that one time. But otherwise, you’re pretty good. Or so you think. If I were to ask others whether you under-communicate, I would […]

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Hard To Lose A Client

Like most professionals, retaining clients is important to you and you work at it. In fact, you may even put up with more than you should, but that’s another conversation. The point is that client retention is foremost on your mind. But truth be told, it’s really not that easy to lose clients. WHAT!? Human […]

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Wear The Right Shade

I attended a business mixer recently and noticed that there were three different shades people wore. I’m not talking about their clothes. That would be easily addressed. No, I’m talking about their behavior. This is what I saw. Some wore lamp shades. They stood at the periphery, nibbling on finger food and watched the action […]

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Have Confidence Conversations

Don’t you just hate it when you have to initiate an uncomfortable conversation? No matter what it’s about or who it’s with, your first reaction is how to get around it, avoid it, ignore it—anything but have it. This is especially true regarding those who are looking for your confidence in them. Your people need […]

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