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Don’t Just Eat The Donuts

I remember facilitating a partner meeting a while back. There was a tableful of firm partners dealing with issues that needed resolution. About half way through, I noticed that one partner never raised a question, never made a comment, never offered an idea, never supported or opposed anything. All he did was quietly sit in […]

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Your Closet And Your Calendar

I heard a humorous quip about closet space that says our practice is to fill up our closets to the brink and then stuff in more things. It goes from being full and organized to bulging and messy. No matter how large your closet is, it’s always overflowing. So the personal organization experts tell us […]

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When They Won’t Participate

What do you do when you are responsible for running a meeting but no one speaks up? No one contributes. Everyone just sits there, eyes glazed, looking to you to carry the conversation. Or worse, they are looking in their laps where their phones are. This situation could be in a firm meeting, a client […]

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How To Avoid Dumb Mistakes

You’ve just completed an assignment or project and you feel pretty good about it. You were diligent and thorough in your work. After you submit it, you get a response from a partner or client of an error that is glaring—so elementary and so below your capability. You are embarrassed and don’t know how you […]

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What’s Your 2018 Model?

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018, a year that will be the best version of you. The messages for this year will be focused on you and growing your professional stature. So let’s begin with the easy part—applying what you already know. You just completed another year of your professional life. You’ve been through some […]

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1 Thing Determines Valuable Learning

Did you know that your attitude toward a learning situation determines what you get out of it? It’s true—your mindset is all important and explains whether you get something in training or coaching situations. This is known as the Subject-Expectancy Effect and has been confirmed over decades of research. For instance, some of my training […]

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That’s Your Job

Dr. Carolyn Wiley, a Business Management professor at Roosevelt University, conducted a review of studies over a 46 year period that asked participants what motivated them in their jobs. What she found was that there was only one response at the top in all four studies: workers want to be recognized for their achievements. Her […]

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Give Yourself A Talking To

Every once in a while, you are faced with the fact that there’s some discipline, habit or practice you KNOW you should start or stop, but you keep delaying it. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? That’s the one I’m talking about. You know it holds you back but you just don’t […]

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Too Much To Do Antidote

You’ve heard many times people say, “I’ve got too much to do.” In fact, you have probably said it yourself. More than once. It’s a common mantra that invokes nods from everyone around because we have all been led to believe that we have too much to do. Well, here’s a novel thought: You NEVER […]

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A Tale of Two Calls

It was the best of times, it was the worst… Oops. It’s calls, not cities. Unlike Dickens’ Tale, this one is true. Recently, I conducted two coaching calls that couldn’t be more different—best and worst. The first call was from a manager who was of the opinion that the partners’ expectations of him were beyond […]

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