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2 min readBring Order To Chaos

by Guy Gage | June 7, 2020 | Business, Leadership, Personal Management

Video Draws Breaking Point

Following the torture and murder of George Floyd, the national outrage has demonstrated how Americans really feel about the unjust and brutal attempts to bring order to chaos. The actions of the so-called “professional” law enforcement officers are reprehensible. Like you, I was sickened to watch the video gone viral. We can no longer tolerate or explain away these despicable acts of violence in the name of bringing order to chaos.

As I write this, I’m sure I will alienate some. Be that as it may, we are all weary of seeing this behavior. It hasn’t changed and it won’t as long as I and many others continue to hope that the powers that be make things right. Therefore, I’ve reached my breaking point and I am taking it personally —personally enough to change.

It’s Time To Act

How easy it is to sit on my sofa as I see the video and form opinions and judgments about everything from those cops, to law enforcement leadership, to systemic racism. I haven’t met anyone who isn’t appalled by what happened, including the hundreds of thousands of law enforcement professionals who are disgusted by the actions of their colleagues.

It’s time for us professionals, who bring order to chaos every day to our clients, to act. Like the disgusted majority of citizens, we can no longer live behind the curtain of “but what can I do?” We have shielded ourselves from the reality that too many of our fellow citizens experience. Public silence isn’t quiet–it is deafening and becomes the fertile ground for systemic racism to root and flourish—and chaos to reign.

My Meager Commitments

It’s time to resolve to do something. But what? I’m past all the things I can’t do. But to continue to do nothing is to tacitly accept racism and injustice. That is not who I am or what I stand for. So here are my meager commitments so far.

  • I can write. I don’t have such a wide readership, but I can challenge and inspire those who do read what I write.
  • I can speak. My conversations with others will include the injustice that exists in our American society.
  • I can pray. Regular mindfulness and prayers for the plight of others is a commitment I will continue.
  • I can contribute. Supporting causes that address Americans trapped in an unjust social structure will have a heightened priority.
  • I can support. Whenever I see or hear racist comments, I will side with the oppressed in an active way.

A Challenge To You

We cannot tolerate this behavior in America. It’s not what true Americans stand for. Our Constitution proclaims that all are created equal. There is no qualifier. Apparently, those who accept and perpetrate injustice missed that part.

I call on you to join in a professional response to make a difference. What we do may seem so insignificant and that it won’t matter, but collectively, we change the world. As professionals, we are people of influence. Our words and actions echo far beyond what we even know. Please. Step up, speak up and join in bringing order to this chaos.

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