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Are You Promotion-Ready?

This is the season where many firms conduct mid-year or annual reviews for their staff. In the process, you should be getting great feedback about how the firm sees you, what it expects from you and how well you are meeting those expectations. You also have the opportunity to discuss what you need from the […]

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Take Control of Yourself

Research shows that those who perceive they have a higher sense of control over their lives demonstrate better mental health, live healthier and live longer. It’s called locus of control and everyone is on the continuum somewhere, representing their overall belief in their ability to influence their lives. And it affects your performance as well. […]

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“Not Me” Isn’t The Answer

I did all my planning. Everything was accounted for and ready to go. All that had to be done was to execute. I rested easily—until out of the blue, something happened I hadn’t counted on. All my communication and confirmation still wasn’t enough. Now I was left with anxiety and some decisions and adjustments to […]

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Time, Weeds and Sand

You know the feeling when you get to the end of your day and you’ve been busy as all get out (whatever that means) and you’re exhausted? You’re fully spent, and feeling like it. You didn’t stop, working through lunch and it’s now past dinnertime. After all that effort expended, you review your accomplishments. What […]

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Task Or Deadline Driven?

While catching up with a friend last week, we compared notes about how some of our mutual acquaintances were doing. He mentioned that working with one of our friends has become easier lately. He commented that, while his approach is to be more task driven, our friend is more deadline driven. This made it possible […]

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I Don’t Have My Wallet

For those of you who are sports fans, you know that last week was the beginning of the NCAA basketball tournament. So I found myself at a local sports bar to see the most important game of the day (go WVU ‘Eers!) Having won the game and finishing my meal, it was time to check […]

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What Have You Done?

I often wonder what you do with these weekly Monday messages. They are meant to move you to pay attention to your professionalism, so here’s your opportunity to determine for yourself how much you use them. I’ve taken the main idea expressed in each of the weeks since the first of the year so you […]

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1 Question To Break Through

This probably doesn’t happen to you, but have you ever had a situation when you knew you should do something but you couldn’t seem to get yourself in gear to do it? Instead, you found all kinds of other things to do, while it loomed heavy in the background. Then you blamed it on procrastination, […]

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Rituals For Results

Harvard Business Review recently published an article on the significant impact of pre-task rituals on performance in stressful situations. The authors likened the routines to what athletes use before their events, citing numerous examples that illustrate the positive results. The experimenters discovered that, having performed pre-task rituals before engaging in stressful situations, participants exhibited reduced […]

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Knock It Out Of The Park

I write these weekly messages to motivate, inspire and challenge you to focus your energy and actions that will make you the professional you aspire to be. The goal is always to stimulate you to assume responsibility for your progress and your career. After all, it’s too easy for you to perform the same way […]

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