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Develop Excellence That Matters (to You)

Do you ever think about how are you establishing your professional stature? I ask this because it’s happening every day of your career through your work and interactions. I recently sat in an annual review of a manager. The partner in the meeting did a nice job of setting a positive tone, listened well and […]

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Know Your Targets

Whenever you go to a shooting range or golf course, you use targets to sharpen your aim and focus your concentration. You also use them to determine your measure of success. How many examples are there of athletes pressing and stretching and reaching for the prize because they are right at the target? Do you […]

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A Motto To Live By

As a result of recent technological breakthroughs, we know something scientifically that, only a decade ago, we could only presume to be true. Brain research has demonstrated that what you think about determines and directs your emotions and your behavior. It’s no longer an opinion, up for debate. It’s science. Therefore, you need to pay […]

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Upcoming Events


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Average is Over

I read a review of Tom Friedman’s new book, That Used to be Us. One of his chapters is called “Average is Over.” He contends that what used to be good yesterday is average today and will be even less so tomorrow. Since no professional sets out to be average, how do you get there? […]

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