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More Of The Right Yeses

While attending a Clinical Counselors Conference a couple of weeks ago, I heard a speaker emphasize that saying no is an effective strategy to prevent overload and burnout. There’s no question that volume of activity under pressure (like deadlines) is a culprit. And I agree…to a point. Upon further thought, it’s more than just the […]

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Don’t Perform. Contribute.

I assume you have already mapped out your week or will do so immediately after reading this post. Having done it, how do you view the work that is before you? It matters, you know. If you view your work as merely performing your many responsibilities, you will be uninspired, overwhelmed and disengaged, yearning for […]

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A Robot Instead of You?

There is more evidence than ever that in the next 5-7 years, much of the work you’re doing now will be done by machines. With the ramp up of data analytics, artificial intelligence and the expanded capabilities of technology, you won’t be needed to do what technology can do better, faster and cheaper. So rather […]

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Mentored By Your Supervisor II

Last week, I wrote about something that I thought was obvious and known. Come to find out, it was a surprise to some of you and caused some confusion. My assumption was that everyone understood that there are always mixed motives in any decision and action. There is always a self-centric motive and usually another […]

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Mentored By Your Supervisor

It’s not uncommon in my coaching calls to hear some of my clients wonder if they are being guided by their mentors in directions that may not be the best for them or their career success. They wonder if meeting the expectations given them will actually benefit them in the long run. When pressed further, […]

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Interrupt Your Bad Habits

I’m preparing a presentation for a counselor’s conference this spring about how therapy changes the brain’s neuroprocessing function. It’s an interesting topic and I’m enjoying the research. One of the interesting findings is how much people rely on their habits. A habit is defined as a behavior you do without giving much thought to it. […]

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Make Your Sacrifice Worthwhile

I happened to watch an ESPN show that told the story of John Calipari, basketball coach for the University of Kentucky. One of the video clips in the story showed him being recognized for all his accomplishments and success. During his remarks, he said something that struck me. He said he saw himself successful not […]

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One More High-Performer Practice

One thing I’ve learned from working with successful professionals is that they get results the right way. One practice I’ve observed is the way they reflect on past failings to determine what they could have done better. Rather than just chalking up their failure to circumstances, fate or other people’s failings, they think about it […]

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When You Aren’t Included

Sometimes your clients want you there for important decisions and sometimes they don’t. WHEN THEY DO… You know the feeling you get when your clients acknowledge and recognize you for the value you bring? “We want to schedule a meeting and would like to have you there. When are you available?” “I have to submit […]

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Don’t Just Eat The Donuts

I remember facilitating a partner meeting a while back. There was a tableful of firm partners dealing with issues that needed resolution. About half way through, I noticed that one partner never raised a question, never made a comment, never offered an idea, never supported or opposed anything. All he did was quietly sit in […]

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