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Excellence Isn’t Perfectionism

Professionals have a natural proclivity to well. You desire to show yourself worthy of professional stature by the quality of work you produce. You enjoy applying your knowledge and skill to create something you can be proud of and others will appreciate. All of that is good and it keeps you going. However, being in […]

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Leaders don’t, unless…

Coaching leaders in professional service firms for over 2 decades has taught me all kinds of things. One is that leaders are different in what they tolerate and what they don’t. Long story short, what it really comes down to is a reflection of what leaders tolerate in themselves. If leaders exhibit a lower standard […]

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Average is Over

I read a review of Tom Friedman’s new book, That Used to be Us. One of his chapters is called “Average is Over.” He contends that what used to be good yesterday is average today and will be even less so tomorrow. Since no professional sets out to be average, how do you get there? […]

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