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2 min readWhat Matters To YOU?

Enjoy or Dread?

So much of the work we do is for the benefit of others and we enjoy it. It’s at the heart of any service-oriented profession. People who are drawn to professional service share this common trait of making contributions for the benefit of others.

So why is it that sometimes we enjoy doing our work for others and at other times we dread it? Hmm.

Does It Matter?

Think of all the effort and perseverance you are willing to expend for the sake of your clients. You go the extra mile frequently and continuously, often at your personal expense of time, effort and emotional investment. You do so not just because of the work or the relationship, but also because it matters to YOU. When it matters to you, your grit kicks in and you endure the pains to enjoy the gains.

For instance, when you know how much your work connects to what matters to you, you are willing to make sacrifices, trade-offs and investments for the sake of others. Long hours of concentration lead to mental fatigue, yet it is a worthy price to pay for…what?

What Matters?

What is it that matters to you? If you connect your work to your “why,” your energy and motivation are restored. What is it that matters to you such that the sacrifices you make for others is so worthwhile? Here are a few of what my clients identified that matters to them, that make their sacrifices worthwhile:

I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a project and check it off the list. I’m motivated to get to the next task and that, at the end of the day, I have something to show for my efforts.

I really enjoy my clients looking to me to help them understand their business. That’s why I take time to think about their particular situation and look for insights that they may not know or understand.

I relish knowing the law, code and regulations and applying them to my clients’ situations so that they receive maximum benefit. It’s rewarding to me when I am valued for my expertise.

I’m driven to earn my clients’ trust and confidence. Their appreciation of what I provide goes a long way to energize me, especially if they were skeptical at first.   

Connecting your work to your “why” is what motivates you to endure so much of the sacrifices you make for others. If you’ve lost your bearings, you feel weary, dread your work and feel unmotivated and unfulfilled.

In the end, it’s up to you whether you have a boring career that you dread or a rewarding career that you relish. Professional service contributions are the sacrifices you make for a rewarding and fulfilling career and life.

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