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1 min readThree Necessary Partner Traits

by Guy Gage | November 10, 2019 | Business, Leadership, Performance, Personal Management

I work a lot with senior managers who aspire to become partners. This is a highlight for me and I thoroughly enjoy coaching them to demonstrate three necessary partner traits. After all, when candidates are brought into the inner circle, your firm’s leaders want to be assured that you will fit in and contribute to the firm’s health and growth.

Attributes In Addition

While each candidate has their own specific areas to work on, in the end, senior managers must demonstrate three traits that are the final criteria for partners. These attributes are in addition to the demonstration of technical competence and effective client interaction. As you pursue your favorable stature, concentrate on these.

Three Traits

  1. Partner candidates are engaged. You are active in firm life, serving on teams, committees and ad hoc groups. Your attitude is positive and you are personally invested in the firm’s initiatives.


  1. Partner candidates are coachable. Just because you have become a partner doesn’t mean you have arrived and are good enough. To the contrary, you don’t know what you don’t know, so you are set up to fail and disappoint. If you have a mindset to continue to develop, you will be open to others coaching you to succeed and not take their input personally.


  1. Partner candidates consistently put forth effort for excellence. You can’t settle in and believe your current performance is acceptable. When you push yourself to meet higher expectations, you rise to your potential—exactly what your firm needs in its partners.

Show You Are Partner-Ready

These three traits are the final determinants your partners use when considering your partner readiness. You should invest yourself heavily developing them because they will carry you to a favorable decision.

Make it easy for your decision makers to select you by demonstrating these three traits. But don’t wait until you’re a senior manager, even if you don’t aspire to partnership. Develop them throughout your career and you will accelerate your promotions. Because they matter.

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