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Freedom In Motivating Yourself

I just read a HBR article that opened with describing the challenges that managers have in motivating their staff. Then the author went on to explain how to create a motivating environment. It’s a good article but I think it’s important to clarify something. Shaping the environment that motivates is your manager’s job. Motivating yourself […]

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Are You Promotion-Ready?

This is the season where many firms conduct mid-year or annual reviews for their staff. In the process, you should be getting great feedback about how the firm sees you, what it expects from you and how well you are meeting those expectations. You also have the opportunity to discuss what you need from the […]

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“Not Me” Isn’t The Answer

I did all my planning. Everything was accounted for and ready to go. All that had to be done was to execute. I rested easily—until out of the blue, something happened I hadn’t counted on. All my communication and confirmation still wasn’t enough. Now I was left with anxiety and some decisions and adjustments to […]

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Chart Your Own Course

Many firms are in the season of annual reviews. While many people have a less-than-positive experience with them, they can be very beneficial. These annual meetings should be a report on your career progress, not a report on your performance. Performance feedback should be given on a regular basis throughout the year and the annual […]

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Autonomy For Good?

You and other service professionals share a common trait that drives you to the profession. It’s called autonomy. It’s a positive trait that is really important to you—one of the benefits that contributes to your sense of fulfillment. When you are unable to enjoy your freedom, you feel less energized and less motivated. The importance […]

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Don’t Drop The Baton

The times you are the busiest, the most stressed and tired, are the times when you are the worst at communicating. Under these conditions, your communication can be really bad. It’s also at a time when clear communication is most critical because your crushed. Even though life is hectic and chaotic, you are still responsible […]

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Dressed for What?

More and more firms are adjusting their dress code to mirror contemporary standards. The nagging question that concerns firm leaders is whether or to what extent dress matters. Are people more or less productive, depending on what they wear? Unfortunately, the research is mixed. There doesn’t seem to be anything definitive that verifies a conclusion. […]

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Give Them A Reason

A friend and I were discussing the economic value of professionalism and he said, “It’s much better to be referred by others because of who you are rather than just what you do.” His point was that there are many professionals in your area who know what you know and do what you do. What […]

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Keep Your Elbows In

As you know, I write these messages from what I hear in my coaching and training programs. This message is about something I’m hearing more about. It has to do with young professionals who are stepping up in significant ways to promote change in their firms. If you are one who is pushing for change, […]

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