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Autonomy For Good?

You and other service professionals share a common trait that drives you to the profession. It’s called autonomy. It’s a positive trait that is really important to you—one of the benefits that contributes to your sense of fulfillment. When you are unable to enjoy your freedom, you feel less energized and less motivated. The importance […]

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To Shape Or Be shaped?

All of your behavior has been learned. You have picked up along the way everything you do and the way you do it. What you learned made sense at the time, given all the variables, like existing technology, best practice and what others around you were doing. Because you learned it, you can also relearn […]

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Are You The Reason They Leave?

I really enjoy the calls I get from clients who just want to get another perspective or a suggestion on how to approach a delicate situation. This call was no different. The call came from a manager of a client firm in the southeastern U.S. He was a discouraged high performer who was ready to […]

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Confident Humility

An interesting finding among leadership researchers continues to reveal something of an enigma. Whether it be the research by Jim Collins or Kay and Shipman’s work, they find that leaders who ascend to pinnacle positions demonstrate both humility and confidence. For too long, the leadership traits of confidence and humility have been viewed as polar […]

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Don’t Drop The Baton

The times you are the busiest, the most stressed and tired, are the times when you are the worst at communicating. Under these conditions, your communication can be really bad. It’s also at a time when clear communication is most critical because your crushed. Even though life is hectic and chaotic, you are still responsible […]

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