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The Natural High

You’re hunkered down, working like a banshee. Your to-do list is huge; your desk in-box is overflowing; your email in-box is worse. Looming deadlines are driving you to work harder and longer. Not a pleasant place to be. Over a prolonged period of stress, your body produces a significant amount of hormones that never have […]

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Be The Reason To Stay

Numerous surveys have been conducted inquiring about why people leave their jobs. Over the last 10 years, they consistently indicate that between 45 and 49 percent of the reason people leave their jobs is because of poor management. From this predictable finding comes the truism that people hire into a company and leave because of […]

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Groom Up

When some professionals are under prolonged stress, they can get shaggy. You know, their lives are disorganized; they are out of control and are always behind. They look like one disheveled mess. They won’t take care of themselves. They sacrifice themselves week after week, month after month, until there is nothing left of their energy, […]

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The Quicksand of Mediocrity

Over the years of working with professionals, I’ve found that professionals settle for nothing  less than professional excellence. Yet they all struggle to attain and retain their high standards. Some become so worn down by the constant struggle that they settle for mediocrity. Mediocrity is like quicksand. You step in it and you slowly start […]

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Your Ethical Muscle

Professionals don’t begin their careers intending to behave unethically. In fact, they can’t imagine being unethical in their practice. Yet, governing boards too frequently censure (or worse) their colleagues for unethical behavior. What happened? I presented an ethics seminar last week to CPAs. It went very well (thanks for asking) and got high ratings (imagine […]

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