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2 min readAwesome Leader Thinking

by Guy Gage | March 15, 2020 | Business, Leadership, Personal Management

In a recent coaching meeting, I met with a leader who had every reason to feel defeated. Instead, she exhibited awesome leader thinking. Here’s how it went.

Could It Be Worse?

As a result of the coronavirus, she said, “Our business is all about meeting and connecting with clients and the community as our primary revenue generator. If we can’t do that, then we will take a severe hit.” But there was more. She went on to tell me that her colleague and partner who had been with the organization for nearly two decades is leaving. The impact will be felt throughout. And if that wasn’t enough, two of her staff to whom she delegated a significant project have been lackadaisical in making progress and the ideal time to execute it has passed.

WHEW! What a calamity. So unfortunate for her and her organization. Yet as she spoke about her woes, I didn’t sense any kind of dismay or panic. I expected her to be down in the dumps, anguishing over how she could possibly manage this tragic set of circumstances. But she wasn’t.

Rise Above The Challenge

At first, she admitted to feeling gut-punched. These are, by any standard, significant by themselves. Yet together, they would have crushed many. But being an experienced leader, she described her recovery. The more she thought about it, she began to take a step back and assume a big-picture perspective. Soon, she came to realize that never before has there been such an opportunity to refine their mission and reorganize a long-standing yet growth-inhibiting structure.

She was fired up and ready to take on the constraints that could have defeated her. We discussed the primary obstacles that she and the organization would face. After about a half hour, a whole new vision of possibility emerged. It was a real testament to how assuming an opportunity in every situation is a leader trait.

The Leader In You

Here’s a question for you. If you were in this situation, what would be your response? Would you have crawled under the covers and not get up? Would you have lamented at how unfair life is? Would you have used this mess to explain why you can’t possibly be successful? Or would you be like this leader, ready to engage whatever happens?

Actually, you are in this situation. The coronavirus is redefining our economic and social structures and business practices forever. The world as we have known it will be forever changed. What are you doing personally, socially and organizationally that will accommodate a new reality?

True leadership is taking on the big challenges with an optimistic attitude in order to find opportunities that were not available under normal circumstances. This is nothing short of a leader mindset engaged in awesome leader thinking. This is your opportunity, so let the leader in you shine.

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