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2 min readAre You Rebooting?

by Guy Gage | April 11, 2021 | Business, Leadership, Performance, Personal Management

Computers and Humans

IT professionals have a quick first response to their technology users who have technical problems: “Did you reboot?” While we don’t like to hear it, the reason is legit—most electronics fail because they need to reset, especially from heavy use.  They need to reorganize, repair and retune. Just like your computer, rebooting yourself is essential to your functioning, especially when in heavy use.

That’s because your physical, emotional and mental aspects of yourself are all integrated, which explains why you can feel physically exhausted from sitting in a chair most of the day. It’s why clinical therapists feel mentally drained, having listened to the emotional turmoil of their clients all day. It’s why being physically spent reduces your ability to make good judgments and decisions. We are a unified whole.

It’s Your Decision

If you don’t assume the responsibility to reboot yourself effectively and consistently, it’s to your detriment. I guess you can continue to whine and moan about how drained you feel, especially during heavy use (like busy season). I guess you can drag yourself to work each day because you have no energy or enthusiasm. I guess you can allow your passion to sag and your professionalism to slip; all because you refuse to reboot.

So what do professionals do to effectively and consistently care for their entire self, especially during a heavy cognitive load?

You already know the answer. You just refuse to accept responsibility and commit to executing what you already know. Another cookie in the afternoon won’t give you more energy. Vegging in front of the TV or droning through FaceBook won’t put you to sleep. Remembering the physical routine you once had won’t do anything for you.

A Perfect Example

One of my clients is just coming out of an intense bout of stress overload, to the point that it affected her physically, mentally and emotionally. It really surprised her because over the last couple of decades, she has always been able to power through it. But this year has really taken its toll. At first, she logically acknowledged her need to change her habits of self-care, but only minimally changed her ways. Even her doctor couldn’t help. There were no shortcuts or medications that could replace her need to reboot.

She just had to do it herself. She’s in the process of reorganizing her diet, exercise and sleep habits to get herself out of the fog. And she’s slowly recovering. For instance, she reported how much better she felt after being outside for an extended time, walking and enjoying the fresh air. Sometimes I just to want to say, duh.

Take a note from your colleague and examine your reboot routine. It begins with 7-8 hours of sleep each night and continues with your diet and exercise. When you get these in proper balance, your health, well-being and enjoyment return, regardless of the season.

Today, what’s your first action to improve your reboot routine?

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