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Distinguish Yourself

There are many ways to distinguish yourself, the most common being your expertise in a technical area and developing significant relationships within your market segment. A third way, and maybe more importantly is to set yourself apart through your professionalism. Too many professionals are “me too” professionals. They haven’t distinguished themselves from others in their […]

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Your Choice

One of the fundamental traits of high performers is the application of learning. They don’t just read or hear about what will make them better; they actually put it into practice. Like them, you do it with your technical knowledge every day. You are always learning and applying what you learn to client situations. It’s […]

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A Wayward Client

One of my coaching clients described a situation that confused and stressed her. She had gained a new client but she was uneasy that he didn’t understand how she worked. Her client was aggressive and direct and wanted to dictate the engagement. Like you, she’s had that experience before and it never goes well. She […]

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The Important Question

In your firm there are partners and managers who do things that irritate you, grate on you and otherwise make life unpleasant for you. They make promises they don’t keep. They agree to do things they don’t do. They don’t communicate with you or others. Their quality of work is sometimes lacking. They over-commit and […]

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The Message

I’ve been intrigued by the responses of people in reaction to LeBron James’ announcement to join the Miami Heat, especially those in Cleveland. It provides a great opportunity to demonstrate true leadership. It’s easy to be a leader when things are going well. But true leaders emerge in the midst of adversity because they establish […]

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