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1 min readYou Are A Superhero!

by Guy Gage | February 2, 2020 | Business, Personal Management

What Motivates Me?

As I prepare for my interview today at noon EST with Jim Masters of CUTVNews, I’m aware that I have not written  much in this Monday Message about what drives me–my purpose, passion and motive for what I do. So I thought I would give you a peek inside.

I am one of the extremely fortunate and blessed 30+% of people who really love what they do and it distresses me that others don’t enjoy what they do. I feel compelled to apply all of my knowledge and effort to lead everyone to discover and enjoy living their own core purpose and passion.

Learn What Motivates You

One of the ways I do that is to use a technique I learned from my clinical training.  It’s an exercise of using one’s childhood superhero as a metaphor to represent their deep aspirations to make a difference. It’s innate in each of us and, when released, is a powerful motivation. Conversely, when lost, it’s a root cause for why people feel empty, discouraged and unfulfilled.

So I ask you—who was the superhero that you were drawn to? It represents your life mission and is a powerful beginning to discover who you really are in your essence. It can be used to define and refine your core purpose.

My Purpose

For me, my life purpose and mission is to lead professionals to discover and live into their own purpose and passion. My education, degree and experience in human behavior gives me an ability to do so.

That’s why I travel to firms around the country. That’s why I coach for hours on the phone each week.  That’s why I write a weekly blog (for 11 years running). That’s why I speak at conferences and association meetings. It all feeds into who I am and what I do, and I never tire of any of it.

Today, get in touch with your superhero and use it to guide yourself to discover and live into your core purpose. Commit yourself to become one of the 30%. And tune in to my interview today to hear more about how to increase your success and fulfillment as a professional. Because you are a superhero!

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