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1 min readWhen Important Things Distract You

by Guy Gage | July 3, 2020 | Business, Leadership, Personal Management

Professional Satisfaction

Your professional career is a journey and should be marked by a sense of deep satisfaction. Think about it: you make the lives of your clients better by practicing your chosen professional discipline. And on top of that, you get paid for it. What could be better? Unfortunately, satisfaction isn’t the case for everyone. In my coaching experience with high level professionals, I find that too many times they are robbed of their enjoyment because they allow important things to distract them.

You and everyone else have multiple interests. In addition to your work, you have hobbies, family, friends, faith, and other pursuits that are important and make your life complete. But that’s not the problem. The problem arises when you are unable to enjoy the interest that you’re into now because you are distracted by the other interests.

All Are Important

Think of your life as a multi-lane highway. All the lanes exist, but you can only be in one lane at a time. You have to choose which lane to be in, for how long, and then choose another lane.

You have a real problem when you are in one lane but you are distracted by another lane. So you decide to change lanes and once again and find yourself looking at yet another lane that is important to you.

The problem isn’t that you have multiple lanes. The problem is that you aren’t giving yourself fully to the lane you’re in, so you don’t experience the satisfaction of that lane. When you are in one lane but your mind in in another, your brain can’t handle the dissonance, so you become restless and dissatisfied. It’s also when mistakes are made, things are overlooked, and your best self is nowhere to be seen.

What Will You Do?

When you get done reading this Message, you will choose a lane to enter your day’s travel. While in that lane, give it your full attention and commitment, enjoying what you’re doing until it’s time or you decide to change lanes. Be fully present in the moment, which is the essence of mindfulness. It’s the only way to experience the richness and fullness of your multi-lane life. Just don’t let important things distract you.

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