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1 min readQuit Working Two Jobs

by Guy Gage | September 29, 2019 | Business, Performance, Personal Management

Over the years of coaching hundreds like you, I’ve noticed the importance of your decision-making to your career success. What used to work and be appropriate may not be sufficient now.

For instance, each time you assume a new role and responsibilities, you have the opportunity to influence the position to your liking—the way you like to work and what’s important to you.

An Example

It typically goes like this: you are promoted because you have earned the confidence of decision makers. They determine that you are ready and the firm needs you. While exciting and affirming, it is also challenging for you because two things happen simultaneously. While you are absorbing your new role and responsibilities, you are also in the process of moving your previous role and responsibilities to others. That’s a tall order in itself.

Sound familiar?

But don’t expect your staff, fellow managers and partners or clients to make it easy on you. They know you, trust you and rely on you because you are their go-to person that makes their lives easier. And they want you to continue at that level. Of course, the only way you can do it is to work two jobs—the one you’re leaving and the one you’re learning.

Make a Decision

You may be likely to do both at first, but eventually, you get tired, stressed and overwhelmed and will finally make some serious decisions and priorities about what you can and cannot do. It’s never easy but always necessary, unless you are willing to sacrifice your life for what others think you should do.

These are the kind of decisions that make up your career success. Have the courage to engage, discuss and negotiate how you can be most effective, productive and fulfilled. That way, everyone benefits—and it’s not two jobs.

And if you need help, contact me. This is what I do.

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