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1 min readA Grateful Attitude

by Guy Gage | January 18, 2010 | Uncategorized

Leaders Have One

Have you heard this: “Say thanks? For what? It’s what they get paid for! And they barely earn that.” Worse…have you actually said it?

I’m sure you’re not one of them, but there are some professionals who think they are the only ones who work in their firms and the others don’t work hard enough. Of course, you know that’s nonsense. Yes, you have performers up and down the scale, but no one comes to work each morning planning to be mediocre. But that’s for another message.
The bottom line is this season, make sure you express gratitude to your colleagues and staff. Make it a point to let them know of your appreciation for their work, effort, dedication and loyalty. It doesn’t have to be a major production; just a simple expression of your gratitude.

• One professional told me he intends to write a personal note in each person’s bonus check. He wanted his staff to know of his appreciation for their hard work and endurance during this difficult year.
• Another partner makes it a point at the firm’s year-end party to personally shake everyone’s hand to thank them for their contributions to the firm’s success. From partners to receptionists, everyone gets appreciated.
• Another partner arranges to meet with her immediate work team after hours for drinks to celebrate another year together. They tell stories on each other and of their experiences they had together throughout the year. It’s a fun time and anticipated by all.

Do you think expressions of gratitude are hokey or sentimental? They may feel that way, especially if it’s not your normal style of relating. Breaking out of your hard shell as an aloof professional is important. Even if you’re somewhat uncomfortable displaying a softer side, your people will accept it, appreciate you and respect you all the more.
This season, don’t pass up an opportunity to be grateful to those who make you successful. You need to say it and they need to hear it.

Oh, and have a great week.

“No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” Alfred North Whitehead

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