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How To Avoid Dumb Mistakes

You’ve just completed an assignment or project and you feel pretty good about it. You were diligent and thorough in your work. After you submit it, you get a response from a partner or client of an error that is glaring—so elementary and so below your capability. You are embarrassed and don’t know how you […]

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Appreciate Those Who Helped You

Last year this time, you were less than who you are today. Over the year, you worked hard, got better at some things and tried some new things. All in all, you’re better today than a year ago. However, as much as you think you did it on your own, you didn’t. Yes, you worked […]

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What’s Your 2018 Model?

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018, a year that will be the best version of you. The messages for this year will be focused on you and growing your professional stature. So let’s begin with the easy part—applying what you already know. You just completed another year of your professional life. You’ve been through some […]

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You Don’t Have To Delegate

Everyone tells you how important it is to delegate. In fact, there are dozens of books, podcasts and seminars on the subject. Yet, delegation continues to be a real problem for too many, from 2nd year associates to partners. Why is delegation so difficult? While there are a lot of reasons, the fundamental reality that […]

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1 Thing Determines Valuable Learning

Did you know that your attitude toward a learning situation determines what you get out of it? It’s true—your mindset is all important and explains whether you get something in training or coaching situations. This is known as the Subject-Expectancy Effect and has been confirmed over decades of research. For instance, some of my training […]

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Something Better Than Gratitude

In this season of gratitude, it got me thinking of the research that has shown the benefits of being thankful to your physical, emotional and mental health. It’s more than you might imagine. This has been verified through studies over the past 50 years, although humanity has known it for centuries. However, in one particular […]

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Develop Excellence That Matters (to You)

Do you ever think about how are you establishing your professional stature? I ask this because it’s happening every day of your career through your work and interactions. I recently sat in an annual review of a manager. The partner in the meeting did a nice job of setting a positive tone, listened well and […]

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That’s Your Job

Dr. Carolyn Wiley, a Business Management professor at Roosevelt University, conducted a review of studies over a 46 year period that asked participants what motivated them in their jobs. What she found was that there was only one response at the top in all four studies: workers want to be recognized for their achievements. Her […]

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Tolerance For Languish

In some of my coaching engagements, I use a particular assessment that identifies, among other traits, a person’s natural proclivity to accept things being uncompleted. Some people don’t mind having a list of incompletes on their to-do list; others have more intensity to knock them out. This is different from procrastination, which is the inability […]

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How’s It Working For You?

Dr. Phil McGraw is a very practical, no-nonsense clinical psychologist, made famous by Oprah. His ability to cut to the real issue has given him a reputation and a daily TV show. One of his techniques is to direct the guests of his show to determine whether their behavior is getting them what they want. […]

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