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1 min readWho Are You, Really?

by Guy Gage | June 2, 2013 | Business

You’re sitting across from one who is prepared to give you feedback on the couple of areas where your performance is lacking.  You’re not looking forward to it. As you stare at the floor, the meeting begins. “Here are a couple of things that you aren’t paying enough attention to.” You already know what they are going to say.

All the while you’re listening, you think of what you could possibly say to excuse yourself After all, you have to give an account of yourself. As you look up, ready to defend yourself, you are taken aback. You are staring at yourself. You’re looking in a mirror. You’re the one giving yourself a talking to, holding yourself accountable for action or inaction.

You will have one of two responses, which will speak volumes about what you’re made of.

One, you will breathe a deep sigh of relief. Thank goodness you don’t have to face a real boss to hold you accountable. You will get up from the table and give yourself yet another pass for underperforming. “I’ll get to it someday,” is all you can mutter.

Or, you will look more closely in the mirror to reinforce the gravity of the situation. You will not give yourself another pass, allowing yourself to be persuaded that the reason you’re underperforming is because [fill in your favorite lame excuse]. Instead, you determine to take on what you’ve been putting off because it’s unacceptable for someone of your stature—a professional of your caliber—to continue being less than you are capable.

Here’s the big question: which response will you choose? One choice will allow you to putter at your current pace, doodling around in ways you’ve become accustomed. The other choice will propel you to a higher level of performance you’re capable of and want to be, not allowing yourself to talk yourself into backing off.

This week is your moment of truth. Who are you really?

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