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1 min readThose Whose Opinion Matters

by Guy Gage | June 12, 2016 | Uncategorized

If you’ve been reading my weekly messages, you’ve read my contention that no one aspires to be average. In fact, no one I’ve ever worked with views themselves as average. Professionals by nature aspire to be competent and contributing—in an above average way.

Yet everyone can’t be above average. If everyone is above average, then the new standard becomes average. So while you are progressing, others may have a different perspective, especially those opinion matters.
If you really want to know what others think, ask someone (whose opinion matters) about one thing you could do or do differently. This could be a supervisor, a client or another professional with whom you work. Listen carefully to what is said and what is not said. These are your cues to how you can distinguish yourself from others; at least in the eye of those who matter.

What you’d like to hear is that you would benefit to increase your attention to clients, or spend more time with staff or assume more ownership for your work. These are areas that elevate your value and are necessary for your development. They are how you become known.

What you don’t want to hear is that you need to improve your technical competence (to what is expected at your level), your work ethic (applying additional effort when necessary), completing expected routine tasks (eg: time entry, billing, etc.), or your attitude (how much you care). If you hear any of these, it may mean that you aren’t contributing enough to earn your paycheck.

The point is, your view of yourself and your contributions are likely to be higher than they may actually be, and really doesn’t matter compared to those whose opinion matters more. Have the courage to find out. Ask, then have the resolve to do something about it. Take the initiative to distinguish yourself.

Just don’t be average and not know it.

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