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by Guy Gage | February 3, 2019 | Business

If you haven’t noticed, this weekly message has been missing from your inbox for two weeks. And there’s a reason. My email account was disabled due to “suspicious activity.” Actually, an internet interruption occurred while performing a password update and it offended a Google algorithm that completely shut me down. Entirely. Out of business.

A Reign Of Terror
You can imagine the panic I felt. Over hours of frantically searching for help, I came across a form where I could submit my situation. The last statement on the form stated that my submittal would be “considered” by a response team. My skepticism immediately assumed it meant not to expect a response at all or maybe a computer-generated email stating that my account was disabled. Duh. Regardless, with a hope and a prayer, I submitted my case.

A day later, I received a call from someone at Google, and it was a real person. A REAL PERSON! I was flabbergasted. His first statement to me was, “I’m Joseth and I’m going to be with you through the process of restoring your account.” Oh my. You mean I won’t have to tell you my story so you can send me to someone else and I can repeat my situation, who would refer me to someone else, repeated a dozen times? The total relief I felt that one person would work with me was overwhelming and welcomed.

Not That Easy
The problem was that when Joseth called, I was boarding a plane. Can you believe it? A real person who wants to help me and I can’t talk. ARGH!! I hated to end the call, but I had no choice. So I asked if he could call me back in 4 hours. He agreed, but I had serious doubts that I would ever hear from him or anyone else again. Well, 4 hours later, I was overjoyed when my phone rang. My confidence that he would follow through with me was increasing.

Yet Another Obstacle
Over the course of several conversations, we discovered a complication that I was not aware of. Apparently, I was not the administrator of the account. Hmm. It seems that 10 years ago, the marketing agency who set up my account has since gone out of business and did not forward me any information. Crap again.

On my own, I would have shriveled into a fetal position for days. But Joseth guided me through the process by identifying the specific information I needed to recover, which I tracked down in between our calls. Over several days, I located individuals who were in the agency and finally found someone who gave me the information I needed. Unbelievable.

The Roller Coaster Ends
The final result of this terrifying ride is that my account is fully restored. But what I’m most struck by is how much my positive experience affected the entire situation. The roller coaster of panic and relief; skepticism and confidence; disbelief and reliance; all were stabilized by a professional who took his job seriously.

Like Joseth, you have the opportunity to create encounters with your clients that they will never forget. Are your clients relieved that you are there to guide them through difficult situations? Have you earned their confidence by following through? Are your clients assured that they can rely on you? The experience your clients have is as important as the work you produce, maybe more so.

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