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1 min readThe Word Is REMEMBER

by Guy Gage | May 14, 2018 | Business

I know you’re ready to go for this week, but looking back on last week, was it a great one? Did you do some good things? Interesting things? Helpful things? I’m not asking if the week was stressful—anything worth doing requires great effort, concentration and sometimes stress. But did you make a difference?

I know you did. Your work matters in so many ways. The problem is that you forget to remember about all you do.
. Who benefited?
. For whom did you make life easier?
. Who breathed a sigh of relief?
. Who was profoundly appreciative?
. For whom did you solve a problem?

Your work and relationships contribute in ways you may not fully realize, and when you remember, you feel a sense of fulfillment. That in itself is enough to stoke the motivational fire within you. It’s what keeps you going.

So commit to making this week a great one. I plan to, as I train professionals to give feedback and evaluate others effectively, then off to an annual conference to deliver one of the mini keynotes. And finish up the week with coaching a division manager and his team to build the leadership capacity to grow. GREAT FUN. GREAT WEEK.

You have great contributions to make as well. Think of them before you get going—and don’t forget. The word for this week is: REMEMBER.

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