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1 min readThe Stage and the Balcony

by Guy Gage | February 5, 2012 | Business

As a partner or aspiring partner, you have to learn to do
two things: manage and lead. Both are essential, but each is very different.
You are likely to be one by nature, but you need to learn the other as well. It
could be compared to the difference between acting on stage and sitting in the

When you’re in the manager role, you are on the stage, in
the middle of the action. You have a specific part to play in producing something.

When you’re in the leader role, you are in the balcony,
looking at the movement on the stage. You aren’t in the action; you’re overseeing

Just so you know, you spend too much time in one and not
enough time in the other. And when you’re in one, you’re probably thinking
about the other.

You know when you’re stuck on stage because you get criticized
that you can’t see the forest through the trees. You’re focused on the work in
front of you at the exclusion of what’s around you. You prefer to lead by
example or demand that others keep up with you.

You know when you’re stuck in the balcony because you are
criticized for not getting much done. You’re active and involved; maybe even
talk a lot. But little work is actually done. Your preferred approach is to
lead with vision or by inspiration.

You need to function on the stage AND in the balcony. Which
one is more comfortable? Enjoy it. Which one should you pay more attention to? That’s
your growing edge. This week, know where you should be and be there fully.

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