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1 min readThe Leader’s Calendar

by Guy Gage | November 15, 2009 | Uncategorized

Over the years of working with professional service providers, I’ve noticed a disctinct difference wicalendars of leaders. A quick glance will reveal if I’m looking at a leader’s calendar or not.

A leader’s calendar has three characteristics. First, there is time set aside for planning. I wrote about this a few weeks ago and continue to urge you to make time for planning. That’s the only way to make your life and your practice count for something and move forward. Planning matters. 

The second is time blocked off for strategic execution. Your week is already filled with client work, internal projects, administration, etc. A leader’s calendar makes time for a couple of activities that are strategic–you know, the things you know you should do but are easily put off to next week because there are no deadlines or client demands.

The third characteristic of a leader’s calendar is white space. Leaders know that things will come up that have to be dealt with and they have allotted time to do so. They aren’t so jammed in and inflexible.

As you put your week’s calendar together, make sure it reflects your next level. You’ll find that you’ll get the necessary things done and advance your firm, your career and your sense of satisfaction.


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