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Take Action

Take Action

If you want to be more than average, you have to find a
way of breaking through the “I don’t want to” state and do it anyway. Think of
all the things you don’t do because you’re not feeling it. You delay, put off
and procrastinate until you either absolutely have to or it’s too late and the opportunity
for action has passed. You find all kinds of justifications, reasons and
excuses to make yourself feel better, but the truth is you allow your emotions
to rule you instead of the other way around.

Here’s how to take action when you’re not feeling it.

First, plan for action. Know what you need to do before
you have to do it. Think of what your next step is and plan for it to happen. You
stimulate your motivation by your willful intention instead of your emotional

Then, prepare for action. Instead of rehearsing how awful
it will be, how tired you are or how unfair it is, rehearse a positive approach—It won’t be so bad. I’ve done this before
and can do it again. I just have to concentrate and I’ll get it done
. You galvanize
your motivation by talking yourself through it.

Finally, execute your action. Concentrate on what you’re
doing. Pay attention to the immediate activity and resist looking ahead. Focus
on the moment. You activate your motivation by initiating action.

If you do these things, you will be in control of your
emotions rather than your emotions being in control of you. That’s what high
performers do—they persevere through the “wall,” whether they are running or
executing their work.

This week, when you find yourself relying on how you
feel, resist the temptation and behave like the high-performing professional
you are.

Written by Guy Gage

Guy Gage is the owner of the PartnersCoach, a coaching and consulting firm to professionals in private practice. Holding a license in counseling and a certificate in human performance improvement, he has consulted with and coached professionals for almost 20 years, guiding them to increase their effectiveness and career satisfaction. Website: http://www.partnerscoach.com