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1 min readSet Your Goals

by Guy Gage | January 25, 2010 | Business

Just a year ago, you were setting goals for 2009. Right? You were setting 2009 goals, weren’t you? (the answer should be yes). Good. So I’ll continue. As you compare your goals to the results you got, how did you do? What went well? What didn’t quite get there? Where did you fail miserably?

I say this because if you didn’t set any goals, then how could you possibly know how your year went? You had no ability to determine what was a priority, what to focus on or what could be delayed.

If you didn’t set any goals, your only option was simply to react to whatever came your way. You did a bunch of things and worked a lot of hours, but what do you have to show for it, really?

If you didn’t set any goals, you most likely relied on external forces to guide you. Client demands, firm responsibilities, family obligations, community involvement…whatever pressured you the most is what you did.

If you didn’t set any goals, you probably endured this past year of professional service, rather than truly enjoying it by making progress and getting better. Yes, you may have done some great things, but overall, what was advanced? What was improved? Other than saying you have another year’s experience, how are you better?

This year, rather than enduring another year of professional service by reaction and guided by external forces, take control of your career and set your goals for 2010—goals that motivate you, that give you energy. Goals that you would be proud to achieve and will bring a high level of personal satisfaction.

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