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1 min readRemember What You DO Know

by Guy Gage | March 29, 2020 | Business, Personal Management

For the last couple of months, the same words have dominated our vocabulary: uncertainty, anxiety, fear, what we don’t know, etc. And because they are repeated over and over again in our conversations and news reporting, our perception of the current situation is shaped accordingly: be anxious about what we don’t know. It’s nearly impossible to remember what we DO know.

Why You Are Fearful

When you continually hear those messages, you actually cue your brain to think and behave by what you perceive. If you conclude that there is something you should be concerned about, your mid brain is activated to choose a fear response of fight, flight or freeze. As a result, your thinking brain is overridden, and your perceptions and responses are based on fear.

How To Be Focused

You have to make an effort to activate your thinking brain by remembering what you DO know.

  1. You know that this will end. At some point, the virus will be contained through different hygiene practices, new drug treatments and effective vaccines. Then what? Will you be prepared and ready to go or did you waste this “safe at home” time cowering?
  2. You know that the economy will start back up. All through the millennia, growth is resumed or restarted after every crisis and tragedy. It may be a new reality, but it WILL restart. Are you prepared to meet your clients where they are, ready to assist them with the issues you already know they will have?
  3. You know that your clients will need you more than ever. They are struggling and will need your help in determining what to do next. Are you spending your time now in spotlight meetings, engaging your staff to identify and plan for the conversations, presentations and decisions that they will expect from you?

Take Action

The point is this: if you are paralyzed by all that is going on, you will be late to the draw and miss incredible opportunities to be the trusted advisor and consultant you say you are. Don’t wait until you get back to some sense of normalcy to decide to get ready. You’re already too late.

This week, contact your clients and review their situation. You will find all kinds of vulnerabilities that they may not even know about. Instead of another run to the store for toilet paper, remember what you DO know.

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