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1 min readNormal From Your Best

by Guy Gage | October 16, 2016 | Uncategorized

Remember the last time you performed at your best? You know, when you were prepared, energetic and executed according to plan? Remember when people around you were impressed and you felt like a million dollars? That’s a great experience and one you should never forget.

So, if your success and glow were so fulfilling, why aren’t you at your best more often? Why is your normal so common, even though you really enjoy when you are your best?

In performance management, we know that there are 3 primary areas that contribute to the gap between your normal and your best. When you pay attention to all three, your chances to be your best greatly increase.

First, your focus. Determine your priorities and when you will work on them, undeterred by other noise, distractions and other stuff to do. It’s a challenge but necessary.

Second, your attitude. How often do you check your attitude? Do you catch yourself complaining and whining? Since your attitude isn’t directly related to the immediate situation (unless you choose it to be that way), you should remember that you actually enjoy the important work you do and resist being dissuaded to feel otherwise.

Third, your results. Not just barely getting by, but taking pride in what you produce. You know what it takes to be excellent. Don’t leave it to someone else to fill in the voids when you should be making the effort to do so yourself.

These 3 areas are what separate your normal from your best. Be your best more often and raise the bar on your normal. For this week, if you were going to select one that would close the gap, which would it be? Are you willing to raise the bar on your normal, not only today, but from here on out? If you’re still unsure, remember a time when you performed at your best…

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