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1 min readIt’s All About Results

by Guy Gage | August 26, 2012 | Business

No matter how much effort, energy or dedication you bring
to a project, in the end, you are evaluated by the results you produce. No
amount of planning, focus or diligence will make up for a poor product or
service. When you don’t produce, don’t expect much credit for your effort.

Need proof? I spoke with a business person recently and I
asked what he thought of the professional working with him. “He’s a good guy.”
Followed by silence. I was struck by how hollow being a good guy sounded,
especially without a comment about his value (translated: results).

This really irks a lot of professionals. Have you heard
these lately?

“But I work hard.” Effort SHOULD count.

“I’ve doneeverything you asked of me.” Responsiveness IS important.

“I’ve always beenthere when you needed me.” Dedication DOES matter.

But, in the end, it’s all about results. Why do you
suppose that results-producers with sour attitudes are allowed to stay in your
firm? Why do you think results-producers get passes when others don’t?

True leaders combine results with a strong work ethic and
a positive attitude. But consistently producing high quality results will trump
a lot of other things that also matter.

Clients expect dedication, competence and follow through.
But without results (on time, accurate and in budget), those traits aren’t
worth much. Your firm can’t promote your values, expertise and experience if you
don’t produce results.

This week, concentrate on your
results—for your clients, your supervisors and your colleagues. Determine what
you will accomplish by Friday and put time on your calendar to produce them. After
all, that’s why your clients write checks. That’s what makes you valuable.
That’s what makes your career fulfilling.

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