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1 min readHard To Lose A Client

by Guy Gage | September 2, 2014 | Business

Like most professionals, retaining clients is important to you and you work at it. In fact, you may even put up with more than you should, but that’s another conversation. The point is that client retention is foremost on your mind.

But truth be told, it’s really not that easy to lose clients. WHAT!?

Human behavior studies have identified a primary driver that influences people’s choices. It’s referred to as familiarity bias. Research has shown that given the option of remaining with what is known or changing to what is unknown, people will remain with what they know almost every time. Thinking about it; that’s not a surprise.

So, in order for your clients to leave you, they have to overcome their own familiarity bias. That means that, from your client’s perspective, the current level of your service would have to be so average or your relationship with them is so weak that it overrides their natural desire to remain with what is familiar and go with the unknown.

To avoid losing clients, look for ways to make your service more acceptable to them. Serve the way they want to be served by asking them what’s important to them. How well YOU think you’re serving doesn’t matter. Just remember: on time, on budget and consistent communication are minimal, not a fist-pump.

Also, look for ways to reinforce your relationships. Find ways to increase your client touches outside of your engagements. Become so familiar and comfortable that they can’t live without you.

Whatever you do, don’t rely on familiarity bias to retain your clients. Eventually, other providers who are courting them will become familiar enough that your clients will find it easier to leave you.

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