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1 min readHappy, Not Satisfied

by Guy Gage | October 28, 2012 | Business

I’m so pleased with my client who reached his 3 year goal of $1million in billings. While three years is a long time, there is no doubt he wouldn’t have achieved his goal without setting it and diligently pursuing it. He’s not a natural salesperson, but a self-described typical accountant. So, what actually happened?

First, he set an ambitious goal. At the time, it seemed like a long shot; maybe even unreachable. In fact, he went backwards at first by giving up a number of his clients (and associated revenue) to others so he had time to focus on building his practice with better clients. That was a courageous move and one that most professionals are unwilling to make.

During the course of his three years, every decision was made in the context of achieving his goal. He’s had his share of adversity and trials that he could have used to excuse himself, extend his timeframe or give up altogether. Instead, he redoubled his efforts and remained focused.

In our calls, we always discussed what he was doing or should do in light of the goal. The coaching he received wove together his personal style, his situation and his goals. As a result, he is happy with his achievement. And so he should.

But he isn’t satisfied. He isn’t ready to throttle back and bask in his accomplishment. He is already setting his sights on other VERY ambitious goals that are even more career-building and personally fulfilling.

So, what have you been doing with your career lately? Success and fulfillment come because you pursue them. Maybe you could use this colleague as an example and model of what you should do.

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