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1 min readHandle A Screw Up

by Guy Gage | December 13, 2009 | Uncategorized

One of my coaching clients began our coaching call distraught and shaken. He reported that he missed a deadline he committed to, disappointing a client and a regulatory agent in the process. As I asked him about it, he revealed how he handled it—something you learn from.

 First, he admitted to both that it was his fault, taking full responsibility. Do you accept responsibility for performance breaks or do you put the blame on your staff, the mail, or a third party (the devil made me do it)?

 Second, he examined how the problem came to be. After tracing the situation, he discovered where the ball was dropped and has taken steps to rectify the situation. Do you debrief the situation with those involved, not as an inquisition, but to discover what could be done differently to prevent another breach?

Finally, he proposed a plan to take care of the situation immediately and kept them informed of his progress along the way to assure them that the situation was being taken care of. Do you continue to communicate with the offended parties to demonstrate your commitment to them?

By the end of the call, my client reported feeling better, having debriefed the situation and realize that he had done all he could. But more so, he displayed the kind of professionalism that we need more of—one that sometimes is not as representative we would like to believe.

Here’s a final consideration: do you possess the internal character and discipline to meet your obligations? Are you personally affected when you miss the mark? Do you handle your performance breaks professionally?

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