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1 min readHabits Predict Your Future

by Guy Gage | August 21, 2011 | Business

You are on a path. It’s taking you to a place in the
future. You will end up somewhere that will determine your career success and
fulfillment. That’s a pretty important path you’re on. Do you know where the
path is going? Do you know where you will end up? Or is it ok with you just to
travel along and accept wherever it takes you?

The path I’m talking about is bordered with your habits,
disciplines and routines. Even though you may consider them to be small and harmless,
over time they influence what you think about, how you feel and what you do.

Take your relationships, for instance. The quality of a
successful and fulfilling career is ultimately with your associations. Clients,
colleagues, staff and community rapport will determine the degree of your sense
of a worthy career.

We know that your attitude is a huge factor affecting
your relationships. So what is your routine to maintain a healthy attitude? If
you get up in the morning bemoaning all you have to get done and how stressful
your day will be, you naturally feel tense and cynical. How do you think that
plays on your mood? It adversely affects your relationships with others because
no one wants to be around you. They know you’re miserable and it’s contagious,
so they stay away, except for the unfortunate few who have to work with you.

Besides your attitude, your habits and routines also
predict the level of excellence you attain. They determine how much integrity
you have. They establish the quality of your interactions. Those seemingly
inconsequential thoughts, feelings and actions chart your course.

Again I ask: Will the path you’re on take you to where
you want to go and to be who you aspire to be? Don’t run the risk of getting to
the end, full of blame and regret. Take care of things now. Chart your course

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