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1 min readGive Better Feedback

by Guy Gage | August 15, 2011 | Business

One of the management responsibilities you have is to give
feedback to your staff. It’s part of your job, whether you want it or not.

Over the years, you’ve developed a particular style that
matches your behavioral profile. If you aren’t careful, you can rely on your
natural inclinations and miss other elements that are important. Here are three
common approaches and what happens when they are out of balance.

1. You are so direct with your comments that you
come across as harsh and critical. Your staff are resentful and offended.

2. The opposite it to be so careful about what you
say that your message is unclear.  People
don’t know how you really feel or what they should do.

3. You don’t want to bothered so you ignore the
responsibility altogether. Your people are lost as to what you expect of them
or how they are doing.

It’s up to you to prepare well when you give feedback to
balance your natural tendencies to make sure your comments can be heard (your
tone), is clear (your words) and is actionable (they know what to do). If you
don’t take the time to examine your feedback using these three criteria, you
are likely to miss the mark.

Feedback isn’t easy. It is a skill that is often
underestimated, so it is underdeveloped and underappreciated. Take it seriously
and you will get results you want and expect.

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