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1 min readFollow Through or Come Through?

by Guy Gage | September 10, 2017 | Business

Every procedure, process and system is designed to produce a result. It has been tested and can be relied on to accomplish a desired end. The thinking is that if you follow the sequence or procedure, you will get the intended result.

But what if you, having completed the procedure or process, still don’t get the desired result? What if somehow the procedure or task completion isn’t enough? Your first reaction is surprise: Hey, this should work. Why didn’t it? So you re-check how well you executed the process. After all, the procedure should get the result, right?

Having examined your follow through, you conclude that you did it right. You feel justified and can now find other reasons (excuses?) as to why the result wasn’t obtained. You can, in good conscience, say

I did everything I was asked to do.
I followed the procedure perfectly.
I completed the task fully.

Stated another way, “It wasn’t my fault.” Fine. But in the end, the real question isn’t about following through. It’s about coming through. Did you get the result?

This is a key difference between average and high performers. HPs aren’t satisfied with doing what they were supposed to do if they don’t achieve what they were trying to achieve. If you didn’t get the result, of what use was it to perform the procedure?

If you want to be considered as one that others can rely on, you must demonstrate the ability to find ways of coming through. Just executing isn’t enough. Don’t stop with the self-justifying “I did my part.” Go the next level and figure out how to get the result.

This will separate you from the others. If they are getting the results and you’re just completing tasks and procedures, don’t be surprised if you aren’t held in the high esteem they are. Your leaders and your clients are less interested in your efforts and more interested in what you achieve. Don’t make the mistake of confusing follow through with coming through. Instead, train yourself to be clear what the result is and pursue it, instead of thinking that follow through is enough.

This week, concentrate on coming through. Keep doing it every week and you’ll be noticed, recognized, rewarded and promoted.

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