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1 min readFirms Don’t Appreciate

by Guy Gage | July 23, 2018 | Business

I was reading about the opening of a new Proctor and Gamble facility in Berkeley County, WV and the writer interviewed one satisfied worker who said, “I feel appreciated here.” What a great testimony to a top drawer company who knows the value of a simple, no-cost intangible.

Then I got to thinking about how many firms are in that category. Too many professionals I know don’t believe their firm doesn’t appreciate them. Very unfortunate. That’s when it hit me: organizations don’t appreciate, people do. Yet how easy it is to focus on the firm.

Here’s another thought: isn’t it interesting that you notice when you are appreciated or not, but don’t even consider how you appreciate others? You probably spend way too much time lamenting your own lack of being appreciated that you forget that you are part of the problem.

Rather than waiting for others to appreciate you, why don’t you go first? It takes no authority, position or power. Anyone can appreciate anyone else. Everyone likes it, even craves it. There is no risk in doing so.

As you read this, I know that some people came to your mind that you should acknowledge in some way. Before this day is over, your charge is to express your appreciation to 3 people for their work, their attitude, their professionalism, or something you notice and appreciate.

If you want to work in a firm that appreciates it’s people, then start appreciating! Because firms don’t appreciate; people do.

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