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1 min readAvoid Creating Your Own Stress

by Guy Gage | July 8, 2018 | Business

We’ve known for decades that stress is created in your mind. When you encounter a situation, how you perceive it will determine your physical and mental response. That’s why some people get really wigged out about something while others are able to take it in stride.

But a new study has surfaced that extends what we’ve known. Apparently, just anticipating that you will experience a stressful situation is enough to put you over the edge. So if you wake up in the morning and think that your day is going to be difficult, your mind and body prepare for action as if you are actually experiencing the stressful situation. And you will have all the effects of stress even if nothing happens. Even if nothing happens, you are stressed. You do it to yourself.

In addition to the stress hormones produced in your body, you experience a diminished working memory. Your work is prone to more mistakes and you generally feel rushed, overwhelmed and overworked. All because you anticipated that your day to be stressful.

In order to prevent experiencing stress before you are actually stressed, you have to begin your day properly. Rather than letting your mind go to what might happen, anticipate a better result and have the confidence that you can handle it, however it turns out. Don’t start running down a path that leads to no good.

Now, about your response to situations where you create your own stress. That’s a topic for another time.

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