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1 min readA Leader or THE Leader?

by Guy Gage | September 23, 2018 | Business

Intentional leaders learn the knowledge and skills of leader effectiveness. They focus is on what they bring to a situation and practice being effective. They hone their skills to be the best they can be.

The problem is that what you bring to the leader role may not be what the group needs. What if the team needs something different from what you bring? You may be the very best with your approach, but to no effect. Too many leaders expect their followers to conform to their leader style. They may be a leader, but they aren’t THE leader.

For instance, you may excel in challenging your team to take action and move things along. But if challenge isn’t what the team needs, you can be experienced as pushy, forceful, and demanding.

Or you may be a stabilizing leader who brings a calm, reassuring presence. But if your team is struggling with getting things done, you may be experienced as uninspiring and protecting status quo.

Inspirational leaders are exceptional in energizing people to join together to accomplish great things by being enthusiastic and encouraging. If this approach is not needed, you can be experienced as a rah-rah cheerleader who is out of touch with reality.

Laidback Leaders prefer to give people space to do their job, being empowering and non-intrusive. If your team needs direction, you may be experienced as disengaged and not present.

As you prepare yourself to lead your team, first ascertain what kind of leader they need and adjust your approach to achieve effectiveness and success. If you do this, you won’t be a leader, you’ll be THE leader.

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