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by Guy Gage | February 12, 2017 | Business

This probably doesn’t happen to you, but have you ever had a situation when you knew you should do something but you couldn’t seem to get yourself in gear to do it? Instead, you found all kinds of other things to do, while it loomed heavy in the background. Then you blamed it on procrastination, lacking motivation or the IT department.

If this ever happens to you, it’s not a good thing. And if it happens with regularity, you put yourself at risk. So, if this is you, you have to figure out how to break through whatever prevents you from doing what you should. And here’s how.

Drawing on what we know from behavioral science, all you have to do is ask yourself this question: is it more important to me to choose [this distraction] or to choose [what you should do]?

Do I want to eat that donut or do I want to fit into my jeans?
Do I want to [pick anything] or do I want to pass the exam?
Do I want to be on my phone/email/Facebook more than to finish this project?
Do I want to do [this good thing] instead of what I should be working on?
Do I want to put off doing X and then risk not being able to complete it?
Do I want to put off getting organized more than reducing my stress?
Do I do what I want to do right now more than what I should do right now?

Stop what you’re doing and consciously ask. Then pause and pay attention. You already know the answer, so your choices and decisions will be better and you’ll feel better too.

This week, beginning today, ask yourself this question and let me know how you broke through.

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