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Leading accounting firms are facing a common daunting challenge. As their leadership continues to age, qualified partner candidates are becoming scarce. The next generation of leaders lacks the qualifications of high performing partners. Their partner pipeline is empty. This is why Guy Gage created Partner-Pipeline.

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    • Make Yourself Indispensable

      Professionals want to be indispensable. It’s how you do it that matters. You may choose to do so by hoarding your expertise, thinking that you have an advantage on knowledge and skill. So you won’...

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    • Hard To Lose A Client

      Like most professionals, retaining clients is important to you and you work at it. In fact, you may even put up with more than you should, but that’s another conversation. The point is that client r...

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    • Be an Energy Source

      It’s Monday morning and time to get after it. Another week for more opportunities to solve complex problems, serve challenging clients and practice your profession. Life couldn’t be better. You’...

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