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Leading accounting firms are facing a common daunting challenge. As their leadership continues to age, qualified partner candidates are becoming scarce. The next generation of leaders lacks the qualifications of high performing partners. Their partner pipeline is empty. This is why Guy Gage created Partner-Pipeline.

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    • Responsibilities Are Not Tasks

      No matter how busy leaders are, they always find the time to lead—never too busy, preoccupied or distracted with other things. Even when temporarily pulled away, they are always thinking, planning a...

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    • Clients Look for One Thing

      Several years ago, I observed a department meeting where the leader of the group emphasized that to get new business was to find ways of demonstrating how good they are. He honestly believed that pros...

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    • Spot High-Potentials Early

      What do high-potentials look like? What do they do? What should you look for? While there are a number of evidences to consider, don’t fall into the trap of over-weighting someone’s ability to und...

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