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Leading accounting firms are facing a common daunting challenge. As their leadership continues to age, qualified partner candidates are becoming scarce. The next generation of leaders lacks the qualifications of high performing partners. Their partner pipeline is empty. This is why Guy Gage created Partner-Pipeline.

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    • It’s Not About You

      The Partner-Pipeline courses emphasize the application of skills, so I do a lot of demonstrations, case studies and role plays. That’s the only way to determine that participants know how to apply w...

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    • Say It To Be Heard

      In several of the Partner-Pipeline courses, we concentrate heavily on communication. Not just listening and talking, but in specific situations where communicating is a challenge. One area is how to p...

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    • Make Your Service Memorable

      About a month ago, I had the unfortunate experience of dropping my computer and cracking the screen. And fortunately, I purchased not only the hardware warranty, but also the damage warranty. So I con...

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