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Leading accounting firms are facing a common daunting challenge. As their leadership continues to age, qualified partner candidates are becoming scarce. The next generation of leaders lacks the qualifications of high performing partners. Their partner pipeline is empty. This is why Guy Gage created Partner-Pipeline.

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    • Be an Energy Source

      It’s Monday morning and time to get after it. Another week for more opportunities to solve complex problems, serve challenging clients and practice your profession. Life couldn’t be better. You’...

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    • Raise The Bar On Yourself

      One of my fundamental convictions is that you have significant contributions to make. When you’re at your best, you make them. When you aren’t, you don’t. So I continue to press you to find your...

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    • How You Think Matters

      “With all due respect, I believe this will be our finest hour.” Sound familiar? It’s one of the best lines in the 1995 movie, Appolo 13 with Tom Hanks. It was said in the control room by the act...

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