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Leading accounting firms are facing a common daunting challenge. As their leadership continues to age, qualified partner candidates are becoming scarce. The next generation of leaders lacks the qualifications of high performing partners. Their partner pipeline is empty. This is why Guy Gage created Partner-Pipeline.

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    • I Don’t Under-Communicate

      Why is it that you can recall dozens times when others have not communicated well or timely with you, but you struggle to identify even one instance where you under-communicated? Ok, maybe that one ti...

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    • The ONE Success Trait

      Whenever you see someone who has achieved a measure of success, you try to figure out what made them successful. So you identify all the things they had going for them. But those reasons really don...

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    • Calibrate Your Immediacy

      Some things are really hard to teach because they are as much about natural ability as they are about skill and behavior—things like boldness, empathy and critical thinking. They are the small capab...

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