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Break Through Status Quo

Break Through Status Quo

Status Quo is not always a bad thing. It is the reason that processes and procedures for success work so well. For the sake of replicating success, doing the same thing the same way is a benefit for developing young staff giving confidence to seasoned CPAs that work is done right.

However, when that same line of thinking and behaving is applied to the firm growing and developing, doing the same thing the same way will not breed success. Leaders must engage the initiative differently, especially those around client needs and wants and staff needs and wants.

When firm leaders understand the individual and organizational dynamics that prevent change and growth, they become open to alternative ways of instituting change in order to continue their success.

Contact me so we can discuss your situation to determine if the issues you face are status quo driven. Sometimes the call alone will set you on your way.

How to Get Started

The future of your firm depends on your ability to develop capable leaders. It is time to invest in a proven approach to professional development.

Simply contact Guy (Guy@PartnersCoach.com) to set up a call for more information on the program, determine if your firm is prepared for and would benefit from instituting the Partner-Pipeline®, and any next steps if needed. No obligation or expectation.

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